religion importance

Importance of Religion to Human Life and What Effects they have created

Have you ever asked yourself what will have happened if we had nothing like religion in the whole world?

Do you know any religion importance? It sounds crazy but there is some truth behind it. Every person needs to be associated with a religion of his or her choice. Never judge anyone or disapprove any person of what he or she believes in. There should be respect and honor to any kind of religion someone goes to.

This brings about sanity and morality in society. Religions have been associated in imparting some moral values to people. The world will be valueless without religion. People will be inhuman and will never have that aspect of respecting one another.

The rate of mortality will decrease drastically making the world immoral. No one will have recognition to what is good or bad. Everything will be disorganized and nothing will be spared at all. But, die to religion, the world is controllable and manageable. Majority of the People are able to recognize what is good and bad hence practicing what is good.

 Importance of Religion in Human Life

religion importance
  1. Installing morality in children

    Among the importance of religion, they nature children in an upright and moral way. Children are the most delicate creatures as they copy and practice what they are being taught and told. If directed that something is bad, they will grow knowing the thing is bad and if told it’s good to have something, they will also grow having that mentality.


Therefore, children needs to be carefully brought up in the right way. Parents cannot manage alone, they need support not only from teachers in schools but religious leaders. This will make everything simple and easy to manipulate the children.

  1. Convince children to do good things

    Religion has a big influence on convincing children to do the right things. It is in churches, mosques and temples where children are taught about who God is and what they are to do in making the right moves. They are told to respect and love one another as God commands. These kids will grow knowing it is good to love and value one another in their whole life.


This is what makes a difference between school and religion. Anything which is Godly is taught in detailed form only in religion. Schools are mostly dedicated to impart knowledge and technical skills to children. There is little time set aside for teaching moral values and how to live with people.

  1. Religion helps to reduce crime rate all over the world

    Have a mind of thinking what will happen if you were not going to any religion and you lack some activity to engage yourself in or luck money. What will you do? Definitely you will be looking for ways to have the money and enjoy as you want. These are instances which increase crime rate.


It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This is true and it is good always to have your mind occupied to avoid some fun instances which can be dangerous. People who do not follow the teachings of any religion are said to be dangerous as they have engaged themselves in worldly dirty things. They cannot be changed either. Do not be one of them. Have in mind and know the reasons why God created you. That will be an instance of you to know how valuable God is to your life. It is so sad when people do not have a second thought of who they are and who they represent in the world.

4.Religion has helped to solve some critical problems in life situations

When you wrong your friend, neighbor or family member, it gets to your mind that you have done wrong.  It is time you go back and say sorry. This is part of moral values in adults. Religion brings about sanity and morals to everyone to not and make sure he or she is within the angle of doing well. It will be odd, when you wrong people and you are not even sorry for what you have done. It will be valueless and of no respect at all. The teachings according to many religions are vividly clear on what God wants us to do.


God through the Biblical point of view wants us to be loving and always do well to our neighbors and friends as there is a reward in heaven. It feels nice and awesome when you have that heart of valuing other people to be important. That is what religion importance, human dignity. A time is coming when you will miss that friend or neighbor forever, hence that is why you need to be good to each other. Help those who are with challenges.

5.Make people to have mercy

There are many calamities facing the world like drought, floods and even earthquakes which render many people homeless and without anything to eat. Through the morals and mercy people have when they go to worship, they will feel touched and come in to help.


This is religion importance in the society, which makes them have that kind of heart of wanting to intervene and give whatever can help their brothers and sisters to offset the challenge. This is a good attribute and it will enable people to be helped.

       6.Valuing humanity

When performing anything illogical to humanity, you can halt for a moment and think on how it can affect the other party. This will be a good way of being a brother’s or sister’s keeper. The main aspect of humanity is found from religion importance, and some attributes which make up people to think and value one another.



It is good when you have that heart of making sure, the other party should be okay. Do not think of yourself that much forgetting there are other people who need to be cared for. That is how religions teach and make people to have good attributes. Hence, humanity and other great features which shape the behavior of human beings are brought about by Religion.