How to Maintain My Family Health : Some Useful Steps


The greatest gifts the parents give children is caring and handling them as they become grownups. In doing so, the parents educate their children to establish healthier relationships within the family and beyond, helping children become happy, well-adjusted and successful grownups.

My Family Health
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As life comes full circle, children often have the opportunity to return this gift by handling the parents as they reach their aging. Maintaining healthier family relationships is extremely essential during this period.

For the mature, having other family visit breaks the boredom of what might otherwise be an ordinary day.

Whether visits last a short time or perhaps an entire afternoon, this precious time spent together can mean the world to the seniors. These occasions provide the mature something to look forward to which increases the senior’s sense of purpose and reduces feelings of solitude.

The family who stays far away can also play a role by writing letters, sending pictures and by calling the mature often. These times provide the family and mature, a good chance to strengthen their relationship, respect for one another. So keeping all these things,

I have decided to share some most important steps here as I have applied to my family to maintain my family health


Keeping your family as germ-free as possible is significant when cold-and-flu attack during the winter season. After all, when a cold or flu germ attacks one member of your family, it can mean all of you will be down for the count eventually. But even after most cold and flu germs leave your house, there are always other germs and allergens to be careful of.

Some germs types hide in wash foods or the pertussis germs, can cause serious diseases. I always care in such germs attacks to save my family healthHere are some of the best suggestions for you to save your family health.

Wash your hands

You may have heard it a million times by now, but washing your hands regularly is the best way to keep germs from growing. So get your kid to step up to the drain, especially at key times such as: before eating or heading to the game room with a friend, after coming in from playing outside, and after sneezing, hacking and coughing, stroking an animal, or using the potty.

Even a baby can start to pick up on hand-washing basics by observing as you wash off her hands; and then, when she’s old enough to follow simple guidelines, teaching her to lather up and wash thoroughly. Apply some hand-sanitizing gel in your child’s arms or wash them down with the wipe. I always take care of my family health and advise my kids to wash their hand regularly.

My Family Health Tip-Get vaccinated

Your doctor informs you about your child’s vaccine schedule at every visit. But to keep your family healthier, you and your partner need vaccinations, too. Sure, you may be getting the flu took annually (or at least know you should be!), but you may not have received a T-dap vaccine, which defends against diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. Pertussis, also known as a cough, whooping, usually isn’t a serious sickness for grown-ups, but children can get very sick from it.

Teach everyone to use tissue papers

Once your kid has perfected the fine art of nose-blowing, get him/her into the practice of disposing of dirty tissue papers right away, rather than leaving them lying around on a table or the floor. Some germs and viruses can stay for two hours or more outside the body, so getting rid of tissue papers can produce a big difference.

Ensure there’s junk can in every room or educate her to washes major tissue papers down the bathroom. This healthier addiction applies to sneezes and coughs as well.

Teach your children NOT to share

While you’ve worked hard to stress to your little one the importance of sharing and taking turns on playmates, you will find a few exclusions to these golden rules when it comes to germ-prevention. Tell  your kid that while it’s nice to let close friends play with toys and games, there are things she should keep to herself namely brushes, hair combs, and caps (sharing these items is the number-one way head lice spread from kid to kid); toothbrushes; and drinking straws; forks, glasses, horns, whistles, and other things you put your mouth on.

My Family Health Tip-Brush up on bathroom etiquette

Your visit to the bathing room each day might be a quick in and out, but germs like to hang around long after the bathroom removes. Though there are more germs in the kitchen area (surprise!), plenty call the bathing room house. Pull the welcome mat out from under those germs by washing down counter tops, basins, bathroom seats, and tub and shower walls with being an anti-bacterial washing agent or baby wipes.

Shop toothbrushes at least an inch apart to ensure bristles don’t touch, so germs don’t get passed from one to the other. And replace toothbrushes consistently, especially after a sickness. Bath toys and games need frequent washing, too, since dirty water can hang on to all those little crannies.

Wash them in a water-and-bleach solution about once a week, rinse well, and store them in a fine mesh basket or bag so they can air out completely. I focus all these things to save my family healthand I advise you also to be careful these precautions.

Keep the kitchen wash

For grown-ups or teenagers, a food-borne sickness is distressing, but usually not dangerous. Not so for very young children, whose immunity processes aren’t as ready to deal with tough germs. That’s why you’ll need to pay particular attention to meals safety when you’re in the kitchen area.

Be sure to wash arms thoroughly before preparing any food, but be especially careful when you handle various raw foods, seafood, chicken, or egg. Keep multiple cutting boards in the kitchen, one for necessary protein like various foods and seafood, and one for produce, and wash them after every use (make sure to get in any crevices or cracks, where germs like to hide). Wipe counter tops and cupboard handle with anti-bacterial regularly, and wash kitchen cloths, sponges, and towels consistently.

Follow all above-mentioned steps to save your family health. I will never compromise for my family health and strictly follow all these steps so that my family would be saved from dangerous diseases.